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I need some answers


Posted : 04/26/2018 8:05 pm

So basically, I have been breaking out since this year Jan. Initially it wasn't that bad, having 2-3 pimples on each cheeks, looking back it was so fine but around Feb-Mar everything started to become out of whack and it left me with many red marks till today. It made me really paranoid, because mostly every zits would somehow left me a mark even I don't even pressed it. So I went to the extent of taking vitamin A supplements, eating no carbs/no sugar diet and involving mostly green veggies and fruits in my comsumption, drinking tons of water making me visit the toilet for I don't know how many times a day, changed my pillow case 4 times a week did not use my phone on my face anymore, I don't even touch my face and in case when I do touch my face unconciously when I sleep, I even santitized my hands everynight before I sleep. Now the question is, why do I still get pimples after trying all these so hard? And only at my cheeks. Today another pimple appeared on my cheeks where my pillow case, hands, phone could never contact until. I'm so confused? Please help me. I HAVE BEEN STAYING AT HOME FOR THESE MONTHS BECAUSE OF HOW INSECURE I AM.


Posted : 04/27/2018 7:26 am

Hey, you are doing a lot of right things here, and they usually work. How long have you been following this pattern with diet and the techniques you mentioned?
If you have been doing this for a long time then there could be something with the skincare routine, using exfoliators, moisturizers, facial scrubs etc.
Or it could be one specific food you are consuming (coffee, syrup, too much oil etc.) which is your cryptonite.