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Wonder if anyone here can give some advice or combatted the same problem!

Male, 32, had acne since I was 13. As I've got older breakouts happen now and again, I go through periods where I hardly get anything. 

I've had a recent breakout and the worst since I tried Clinique products three years ago they tend to congregate around my mouth mainly. 

I've got pale skin (Fitzpatrick 1 apparently if that means anything to anyone) and its sensitive. Oily t-zone but dry elsewhere but my skin seems to try out I get small skin flakes on my t-zone that are hard to shift. I've read about dehydrated skin could I have this? I wipe across my moisturiser and the skin flakes come off on my hands. 

I think I get the cyst acne (the large pimples that cause swelling and take a couple of days to form) and got three around my jaw at the moment. 

Can anyone recommend products that would be useful? has anyone suffered/suffering anything similar?

Any help is much appreciated!

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for mouth acne you might want to try a  fluoride-free toothpaste. once i started using euthymol, my chin / mouth acne calmed down quite a lot.

worth keeping in mind, there is different types of skin problems that look like acne but are not
have a read here-


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7 hours ago, sharpshooter said:

Appreciate the reply @MrBakery . Can fluoride toothpaste really cause acne around the mouth even though it hasn't touched the skin? 

just found this while searching for something else. 

a reference to toothpaste and dermatitis skin problem -

Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory facial rash (versus acne, which is bacterial)—typically seen around the mouth. The most common cause is topical steroid use, but it can also be caused by fluoridation in toothpaste, explains dermatologist Bobby Buka, MD. The recommended course of treatment is to discontinue all topical steroids (both prescription and OTC), heavy face creams, and fluorinated toothpaste—instead, opting for mild, non-irritating cleansers and lightweight, non-comedogenic lotions. Oral and topical antibiotics are an effective treatment option.

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Thanks @MrBakery I appreciate the help. I am going to go buy some non-fluoride toothpaste today. 

I have been given some antibiotics (Doxycycline 100mg) yesterday as well as the Epiduo cream but I haven't tried that yet and won't until my current situation dies down. 

I've added the Garner sensitive skin acne-prone gel toner to my routine as I've read gel is good for oily skin as I get an oily t-zone. I use the Simple range as a moisturiser (I added the hydration gel in as my skin does get a little dry and flakey) but I have the Cerave one that has SPF in it for summer. I splash a little Argan oil after as I've read the oils lock in moisture. 

I think my latest outbreak hasn't been helped by using a Garnier face mask. I think it was too strong for my skin as my skin was itchy the morning after. I've got a nice fat one on the side of my face now that is being stubborn and been trying a hot and cold compress on it with little success. 

I saw a Dermatologist last year who told me wash my face with just water no more than twice, use BP as a face wash and Istrotetenion gel 2/3 times a week. It was working for a while but still got the odd one or two and the fluoride thing makes sense. Trying to go blemish-free by trying different things lately has backfired. 

I used an App to speak to a dermatologist who suggested I may have acne tarda. 

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