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Tretinoin & Glycolic Acid Combination Therapy Study W/ B&As

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Try it this is all in the peel section of the faq (mega post). Many use tretinorin on here and glycolic is a more gentle peal than tca. So sure for very minor scars it could help. I see their scars still in the pictures they discoloration looks better and they are softened in appearance. 

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I still think these are very impressive results for "just" a chemical peel with tretinoin. Glycolic is not even a deep peel. It's very encouraging. If it helps even remotely with atrophic scarring, why isn't it recommended more? 

The other thing is they didn't even use a peel in this study. They used a 12% glycolic cream. That's crazy to me. But so encouraging.

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Reading through the paper, it looks like it was done to 'early scars", which respond better to treatments. Still, some of the pictures look to be quite a noticeable improvement, and given that glycolic and retinoic acids are easy to procure, might be a good method for people to try.

If anything else, it would be a good improvement to the quality of your skin.

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I'm definitely incorporating glycolic into my routine now, like you said, if for no other reason than to improve the overall health/quality of my skin. The only thing I want to disagree on is that I'm not so sure these are recent scars, because there's hardly any discoloration in the Before shots, especially in Figures 1, 3 and 4. The erythema has subsided, which to me means these are probably not THAT recent.

Now I just have to decide if I should do daily applications of low percentage glycolic (like in the study) or once a week or biweekly applications of high percentage glycolic. I found another paper that says biweekly applications of between 20% and 70% glycolic were better for improving acne scars than daily application of 15% glycolic.


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