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How to get rid of these spots and dark marks

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Hello All,

I've attached several photos, they include my forehead, cheeks and between my eyebrows.

Q1: I would like to know if this is what you would call acne?

Q2: I would like to know what is causing me to get these spots and how do I prevent them? Could it be my diet? I'm 18 years old and would have to admit that my diet does consist of a lot of unhealthy foods.

Q3: I wouldn't mind getting spots, if they didn't leave behind dark marks that stay for ages! The most noticeable dark marks that I have is between my eyebrows and on my cheeks. Also, I have noticed that my skin tone is a lot darker especially on my forehead than when I was 12/13. I would like to know how to get rid of these dark marks left behind by spots and get my old skin tone back.






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Hi, I hope you’re having a great day!
I would say that these are acne but not the cystic type. These look more like whiteheads and can be cause by various factors. Diet can also be a cause of them especially dairy products, food with high levels of fat (pizza, burgers, fries, crisps etc), food with high levels of sugar, unhealthy drinks and so on. It can also be cause by a poor facial routine or beacuse you touch your face with unwashed hands and so.
I understand your struggle with hyperpigmentation (dark red spots) because I also suffered from bad acne about a year ago and now they calmed down. 

This is my suggestion what should you do or at least consider doing.
1) try to find the perfect facial routine for you. I can recommend some products that turned out to be helpful for me; I’m using Lush’s Coalface soap which is really amazing and it helps with getting rid of blackheads too, than also their Tee Tree Water and the Mask of Magnaminty. These products helped me and i cannot promise you they’ll help you too but it’s worth giving a shot.
2) start eating healthier. My face got much better after I stopped eating dairy products, junk food and drinking anything but water and a cup od green tea daily. Incorporate more vegetables and fruits in your diet as well as chicken breasts and low fat meat. If you love choccolate like I do, don’t cut it out from your eating habita completly but start eating dark choccolate with 70 and more % of cocoa. 
3) try not to stress too much about acne or other things in your life beacuse stress is also a big cause of acne and pimples in general.

I hope I helped in some way and I hope your face will be acne-free soon. :)


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