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Fraxel Dual or Intracel for a very dark colored Hypertrophic Scar

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I have  a hypertrophic scar on my forehead. Its very dark in pigment. I have already had a few cortisone shots to flatten it. I have done a few peels but none are working to remove the dark color and I barely see any improvement. Retin a and hydroquinone are not helping it to lighten. I went to a few derms and they suggested either Fraxel Dual or Intracel RF microneedling to help improve the scar at this point.

The scar has lichened, meaning it has a leathery appearance. Its not smooth. 

Should I follow thru with Intracel or Fraxel Dual for hyperpigmentation and hypertrophic scar?

For reference, I am brown skin. 

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If they have PIH or Hyperpigmentation aka dark pigment you need vascular laser or IPL. This is for color only. 

Fraxel duo might help - but ti's expensive depending on your country, a photofacial, or V-beam. 1064nm is also effective. Intracel is not for discoloration. 

Intracel is for the leathery appearance so that is a separate issue. 

For the leathery I would do Intracel. But you have discoloration so Fraxel helps a bit with that as well. IT's up to your time and fiances. Please prep with your hydroquinone and retin a / differin / tertinorin 3 weeks before treatment.

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