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Last night I started my nightly regime as per usual. I removed my makeup with a makeup wipe, washed my face, applied my astringent/toner as I typically do and finished it off with a salicylic acid spot treatment (a liquid and a cream) and some moisturizer. I was frustrated with a few zits that have popped up over the last week on the side of my face where a lot of red marks were almost healed and I just wanted to shorten their lifespan. I put extra spot treatment on them and noticed they were stinging but I figured that meant it was really getting in there and helping to heal. Then when I looked I saw that the pimples were suddenly white. This freaked me out a bit but that had happened before and the pimple just stayed white and eventually went away. I woke up this morning and was pretty upset with what I saw... the zits were bright red and each one has a circle of angry redness around it. I have no idea how to bring the redness down and I really don't want these to become another addition to my vast collection of red marks. Is there any way I can make them less red and fade in a reasonable amount of time or am I stuck with more slow healing PIE? Thanks guys! :)

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Apply Pure AloeVera gel from plants with honey also u can use mild steroid hydrocortisone it will be Ok in couple of days but remember not to use steroid continuously for more than 2 weeks it will weaken skin 

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