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I did a blackhead extraction myself, which i know is fucking stupid and I hate myself for doing it, because now it looks like my skin is scarring. The areas where I was the most rough was on my forehead, nose and chin, and they are now a week later still really tight, and showing signs of scabbing. When I wrinkle my skin, the dead(?) scarred(?) skin looks weird. I've tried giving the areas lots of moisture, washing it less and with the outmost care, and nothing helps. The areas keep wrinkling weirdly, feeling tight and irritated. I really don't know what to do at I am so scared and on the verge of crying thinking that I might have done irreversible damage to my skin. Please don't tell me that I'm stupid because I am quite aware of that, but please help me! 

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It's really hard to say what kind of process is going on from your description of your skin, but since you mention scabbing, I'm assuming you broke some skin and its in the process of healing. The process of healing is complex, and just like if you were to cut your hand, it will undergo a series of steps to close up the original wound. In this process you're going to form scabs and it will feel tighter at some point. Depending on the severity of how much damage you've done, there may or may not be scarring. Even a week out, your skin should be healing. If, hopefully, you didn't do serious damage, your skin will initially tighten as the skin below starts to form and mature since the body doesn't want the wound to open up again. Once the new skin appears and the scab falls off, the new skin will still need to mature to normal skin and hopefully will relax in the final step.

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