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Accutane and swollen ankle?

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So I've recently started taking Isotretinoin (Myorisan 40mg), only 5 days into treatment so far. I've noticed 2 days ago I had ankle pain and swelling, if I feel it and move my foot up and down it creaks. If that makes any sense. It hurts to walk on it and feels like it's creaking when I walk on it. I didn't sprang it or twist it or anything of the sort, which is why this is worrying me a little bit. Another thing I notice is, around 5 hours after taking it my stomach gets all bubbly and makes very loud noises although I'm not hungry and it's never happened before. So could this medicine cause one ankle to swell and hurt and is it anything I should probably be worried about? Thanks.

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Hey bstarr. These issues are probably best to be taken up with your derm. Don't take these signs lightly. There are reports of joint effusion from the use of accutane. What that means is fluid expressed within the joint, and in your case, it would be the ankle. Although its not a severely damaging condition, its something that should be addressed especially to rule out other causes since this can be and be caused by something completely different. It's always safe to see a professional in person. The other symptom seems to be bloating and gurgling of the stomach? I've never experienced this while on accutane. The two symptoms you're describing, from what I believe, aren't very common... If I were in your shoes I would schedule an appointment with the derm and maybe consider discontinuing the accutane for the time being.

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