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My acne is healed. I healed my skin with a combination of:

  • Diet - I do not eat gluten, I avoid dairy products, lots of fruits and vegetables. I still enjoy my food and eat out on occasion.
  • A few months of the caveman regimen (which allowed me to discover that my skin is extremely DRY and SENSITIVE not oily.)
  • Stopping my skin picking habit (took a long time but I no longer touch my face or pick my skin.)

The first and most important rule of my current acne routineis that it is NOT a routine. I pay attention to my skin and respond accordingly. I don't mindlessly wash my face morning and night - I keep my use of products as simple and minimal as possible.

The second rule is be GENTLE! It is so important for my skin that I am extremely gentle with it. I touch it as little as possible and when I do it is only very gently and I only ever wash using lukewarm water. Never ice cold, never very hot - both of these temperatures dry out my skin.

Products In My Routine
(I keep to these products but I use them as and when I see fit.)
  • Raw, organic, unfiltered honey - as a mask, applied gently, approx. 2x a month for up to 6 hours.
  • Moo Goo Full Cream Moisturiser - rich, gentle moisturiser with great, natural ingredients. I only apply this to very damp skin after splashing with water.
  • 100% cold-pressed, organic argan oil - helps with my hyper-pigmentation healing, seals in moisturiser when skin is particularly dry. Also doubles as my eye 'cream.'
  • Soft microfibre face cloth - allows me to remove light makeup with only water. For heavier makeup I follow up with some argan oil and remove with the cloth. ALWAYS extremely gently (take your time) and only with lukewarm water.

I am only able to use these products with success now because I believe I found the route cause of my acne, which was a poor diet (high in gluten, sugar and dairy) and continuous use of a harsh, acne-targeting skin care routine which damaged the barrier function of my skin.

Of course these products will not work for everyone's skin as they have for mine - but I wanted to document what has been working for me for the past year or so. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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Are you male or female?
Adult or adolescent?
Severity of acne?


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Hi @jPablo!

I am female, I am 26 years old. I have had acne in some form throughout my teenage years but my acne worsened in my 20s.

I would describe my acne as moderate to severe. I also had lots of scarring and hyper-pigmentation. I have pictures of my skin at it's worst in this thread, just click the link if you would like to have a look:

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