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So, I'm 24 years old. I don't eat any junk food and have made sure to chew slowly/take my time eating since Jan. 3. I regularly drink 70+ ounces of water (since I'm only 155 pounds). No soda. My diet consists of fiber rich foods like almonds, bananas, beans, natto. I eat lots of veggies (salad every night). 

My face has always been the combo type--dry in some areas, acne prone in some parts of my face and areas where I just NEVER get zits. 

Starting around September 2017, I started noticing my forehead started getting these little whiteheads. Typically, my forehead was decent. It would get dry, but rarely acne prone, especially in the middle of the forehead. 

I introduced a more gentle cleanser (Dermalogica Gentle Cleanser) in Mid-November as I was using a more harsh charcoal face wash beforehand. 

I've only started moisturizing/adding toner about 2.5 weeks ago. Seemed to work great at first but...I feel like the zits have regressed back to where it was. It's frustrating because my forehead/sides of forehead near eyebrow, are my main issue. The rest of my face is decent!

Any suggestions on how to beat this problem with my forehead? Seems like I have closed comedones. 

I take a Solgar Zinc supplement (22 MG a day) 

This is my daily routine

8 am 

Face Wash--Dermalogica Gentle Cleanser

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner (as a toner)

Dermalogica Active Moist (as Moisturizer) 

5:30 pm 

Shower (after exercising) 

Rinse but don't wash face in shower

After shower

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner (as a toner)


9:30 pm 

Face Wash--Dermalogica Gentle Cleanser

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner (as a toner)

Dermalogica Active Moist (as Moisturizer)

February 2018 2 .PNG

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Try salicylic acid. Maybe wipes or a peel - perfect image is the brand I use for the peel but be careful if you have sensitive skin. I also like charcoal but it sounds like it does not work with your skin. What I notice with it is that it brings the Whiteheads to the surface. Then you can pop them although this is much harder to do on foreheads vs nose and chin. You should use an antibiotic like benzoyl peroxide. It will take a few weeks. I also think blue light can help as an antibiotic. You can try both at the same time. 

Also I don’t know the products you are using but acne.org lists ingredients that are comedigenic. You should review that list to make sure those ingredients are not in your products. 

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Mabe the moisturizer/ toner you are using is too overwhelming for your skin.
at night try : cleansing then applying raw lemon on acne areas, let it dry and go to sleep. Dont wash it off. 
in the morning cleanse and continue with ur morning routine. At night cleanse and apply lemon only. Try this for a 2 week and see whether it helps.

for more details check my post 

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