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Typical treatment for a scar like this is subcision with filler/botox and something for the texture weather a acid peel or erbium laser resurfacing once the area is raised. 

I have seen good results with botox (used as a spacer) and subcision, then worry about the texture as stated above. This area moves (muscles) so botox is necessary. 

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Best to see a scar specialist and they will explain in detail. Botox can be used to decrease muscle movement. An experienced specialist will subcise gently with dilute Botox, namely microinjections to break up the scar tissue. This is very different from cosmetic Botox (2-3 injections). If you find the correct specialist, they will break up the scars with microneedling manually. Then inject 4-8 units of Botox (or more) depending on your muscle movement. Another viable option is dermal filling with gentle subcision. The plane has to be exact as there are blood vessels that run deep in this area. Best to see in person, as dynamic movements must be taken into consideration. Static photos give some idea, dynamic assessment is Gold Standard. 

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Hmm..ok sir thnx..
sorry one more question last plz..
after i do botox and subcision,then after how many days later can i do filler???
and will the scar look good as my normal skin??

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When the swelling goes down, Could be a few days, to a week. Depends on your body.

I cannot give you a percentage of improvement, it depends on the skill of your doctor (injecting, subcising) and how you heal. Filler will give it lift and acid peels or erbium will work on the surface texture. It will take some time and healing. Dermastamp can break up the scar tissue. You will get improvement.

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There must be a language barrier or misunderstading. To do Juvederm one has to subcise, but perhaps they are not aware of this. As this is not tethered you might get away with her doing "filler." Which is the same thing as I said. 

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today i messaged my ps about scars turning white after fillers so she says it will be ok.
and by the way will my scar match the colour of my normal skin overtime?(as it just 3months now).
scar good invisible in some angle light and visible is some..wide in some n thin in some light.
plz do reply 


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