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Starting A Self Diary

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I'm making this post to track my future progress with my acne scars. I've posted here a few years ago and eventually just stopped trying altogether, but recently felt a few kicks in my self-confidence so I am back and going to try a few things. 

This will likely be a post that I come back to update on over a long period of time since results never come instantly.

In high school I had terrible cystic acne resulting in many different types of scars on my cheeks, and some on forehead but I am not too worried about those.
Since I have many types of scars I am looking into doing a few things, reading this article I grew a little hope that I could see some improvement.


Any input would be awesome, but I have purchased a derminator to begin dermaneedling, as well as some tca 20% for a few peels like the article. 
Will also be looking into subcision because I think that was a major part of the study that shouldn't be ignored.

When i receive my derminator I will probably be posting the intial day I do it, then post a follow-up a few weeks out after micro-swelling has gone down.
I would like to try what they did in the study and do the TCA peel 2 weeks later (not sure what % I will do it at). I may actually spread it out to 3 weeks after because I don't want to add more harm and impact collagen production.





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Clean up my post, add more details.
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Well done,its threads like these that set an example and help people on their own journeys.

Tca cross might help on some of your scars,would advice buying a stronger tca and water down to the required %.buy 100% then water down to 50-70% for tca cross.

you need to find out how your skin heals and how much improvement you can get so maybe 6 weeks heal time is a good heal period in the long run.

subcision will realy bing the most benefit to your scarring,the results are realy mind blowing.

i have a tca thread active,kinda doing same as you.

we here to help so feel free to ask and we here to support you.


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Hello :) I just wanted to thank you for starting this thread- it will be great, not only for yourself to see your own progress, but for many others who are looking for hope! 

I think that subcision would be very helpful for your scars, in addition to the peels and derminator.

Also, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but you have gorgeous eyes!!! ^_^

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7 hours ago, Duperele said:

You know it's hard for scars to ruin a handsome face.

I agree. Good looking guys still look attractive even with scarring. I wish that was the case for us girls lol
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17 hours ago, seattlegal90 said:

I agree. Good looking guys still look attractive even with scarring. I wish that was the case for us girls lol
im a guy
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It's been a few months and I have a few updates to post!

With my derminator at 2mm I have done 6 treatments spreading 4 weeks apart and had seen barely any improvement. 

As of yesterday I went to see Dr Rullan and had subcision, phenol cross, and micro-needling done by him. It was probably the most satisfying thing hear all the scar tissue pop as he handled it. His great reputation was a good depiction on how he handles acne scarring.

So what I have are the first 2 photos being the pics I took before the treatment, showing my skin and how it didnt change much with the derminator (scars too severe).

The following one after will be of me directly after the phenol cross (Rullan seemed to have done ALOT of my ice pick scars here) 

After that will be of me a few hours after subcision with my face being really swollen.

I think in the coming months after this heals I will be going back for more sessions and see what other options there are for me. Rullan recommends a full phenol peel put with the price and downtime of that I am unsure I am able to go through with it. Just want to see how my face heals in the coming months!









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Good luck, man. Looks like Rullan was pretty aggresive. Lots of tethering pre-op, needling wont do much for you til you get all those scars lifted.

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Here is an update, I wanted to wait a bit to post more to see some real recovery. So far it is 3 weeks out and I do see an improvement (especially when I walk by car windows? There are specific rolling scars that look like they are 20%-30% better). I did suction everyday (starting the 2nd day after the subcision) for the first week, and every other day on the second week. Bruises would go away rather quickly.

Since I have so many boxcar/icepick scars it is tough to gauge those improvements, I think I also need to retake these photos to cast shadows a little more.

Overall I see an improvement! It has me motivated me A TON, but there is still more that needs to be done. It is a slow process and I have realistic expectations on what can be done.

As for what will happen next, I will go back for more subcisions with Dr. Rullan. He is very keen on me to do the full phenol peel but I just don't have the money for that. I will likely do phenol cross again and maybe try fillers after the subcision. I am doing more derminator micro-needling in between, but that won't likely do anything.

I am looking into RF micro-needling and if anyone knows a reputable locations I can get that done in southern California please let me know! 

Also if there are any other steps/other procedures that anyone thinks I should do please let me know!

It's a long journey but we all need to remember we are not our skin.


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I definitely see progress here, you must be so pleased. As a fellow acne scar sufferer, I've enjoyed seeing your progress! Thanks a lot for the update. 

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@Kmarqui Big improvement. But as you said it's a long journey. Your on the right track.

Was filler used with your subcsion or are you holding off? If it were me I would do one vial of sculptra over dilute throghout your cheek areas pre- rf microneedling (Rullan can do this or any injector). I would do the 4 subcisions. If you need volume you can do that the last sub treatment or Bellafill which is permanent.

Phenol Cross keep that up with Rullan on the icepicks and smaller box cars.

Rullan isn't the best for energy devices but rocks on everything else. So I would find rf needling as you mentioned and do 3-4 treatments in between your subcisions. The sculptra would stimulated by the rf needling. 

I would get co2 done angled 3-7% density at the highest power to the box car borders, many Drs do not know how to do this, so if you have to stamp motion instead do that. Dr Goldman (laser derm mainly) is in San Diego or you can do a med spa. I added some new practitioners in the FAQ if you want to research them. 

Do your phenol peel at the end not now. I see scars that still need to be lifted and volume that needs to occur.

A missing piece towards the end is V-beam for your PIE (redness). 

Keep it up as you have time any money, many treat over 3 years, no rush, do dr treatments every 3 months and your microneedling at home in between. Use a retin-a/tretinorin/differin (OTC Target) nightly for cell turnover. 

Your in good hands with Rullans manual work, that is a huge improvement! Keep going ;-)

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your temples look really good. The thing with derminator is, you have to be through with it. I have similar scarring to yours on the cheek.

I have done 1 mm 1 repetition and it made my boxcar scars slightly rounder. My next go is doing 3 repetition of 1.5 mm. 

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