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  1. Here is an update, I wanted to wait a bit to post more to see some real recovery. So far it is 3 weeks out and I do see an improvement (especially when I walk by car windows? There are specific rolling scars that look like they are 20%-30% better). I did suction everyday (starting the 2nd day after the subcision) for the first week, and every other day on the second week. Bruises would go away rather quickly. Since I have so many boxcar/icepick scars it is tough to gauge those improvements, I
  2. It's been a few months and I have a few updates to post! With my derminator at 2mm I have done 6 treatments spreading 4 weeks apart and had seen barely any improvement. As of yesterday I went to see Dr Rullan and had subcision, phenol cross, and micro-needling done by him. It was probably the most satisfying thing hear all the scar tissue pop as he handled it. His great reputation was a good depiction on how he handles acne scarring. So what I have are the first 2 photos being the pics
  3. WOO I received my Derminator, used it and man did I bleed a lot. Hopefully that's not a bad thing. It felt far less painful than their manual dermastamps that is for sure. Anyways for future treatments I wanted to know what you all would recommend, should I reuse the 9 needle cartridge after the treatment (after cleaning and sterilizing it of course) or should I just buy a set of them on owndoc to continue?
  4. I'm making this post to track my future progress with my acne scars. I've posted here a few years ago and eventually just stopped trying altogether, but recently felt a few kicks in my self-confidence so I am back and going to try a few things. This will likely be a post that I come back to update on over a long period of time since results never come instantly. In high school I had terrible cystic acne resulting in many different types of scars on my cheeks, and some on forehead but I am
  5. I attempted the same thing and the few that I did looked deeper, wider, and darker. After a few weeks while moisturizing good and letting it heal they do look better. Everyone's skin heals different so I suggest you just give it time.
  6. I agree, it doesn't look bad at all. Wouldn't notice it unless you pointed it out so it would be best to just leave it be.
  7. Back in April I joined to get advice about my acne scar situation, and was mostly told to wait for my acne to calm down before starting other treatments. For the most part it I think it has, now I'd like to know the best way to help reduce the appearance of my scars. (I do still get breakouts, just not nearly as much. Not sure if that will factor into the decision.) Looking in a mirror everyday just makes me depressed, but I understand I might be paying more attention to them myself than ot
  8. Awesome thanks for the help! I am pretty bad with staying up late so I will try to fix that, also have been trying to cut soda out of my diet, I think that may be a cause of my breakouts. Again thanks for the advice, I will look into all of it!!!!
  9. Hello! So about two years ago I ended my accutane treatment, I had pretty bad acne. Now that it's settled down I was wondering what are effective ways to help fade the numerous amounts of nasty scars and pits on my face. I am trying out the dermastamp 1.5 mm and have used it three times in a span of 4 months, if I keep going at it with patience and longer gaps between treatments will that help? Unless there are other options out there then please let me know! I have taken pictures in differ