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Those of us revisiting this thread once again for answers, for a product that works, for another human to relate, we all have one thing in common. We suffer daily, or once monthly, or for the lucky ones once a year. Regardless of the frequency or intensity of your breakouts we all know how painful and embarrassing this condition can be.

The thing is when you make the choice to go out the door in the morning and face the day, you have just made a very important choice whether you realize it or not. You have just taken a brave action. If you can go out in the world, push through the pain and ignore the anxiety associated with being seen full breakout, you can conquer ANYTHING!

I want all acne suffers out here to realize that we are all cut from the same cloth and we wouldn't be dealt the shit-skin hand if we all weren't strong enough to fight our way through it. Please consider this the next time you feel like saying no to going out with friends or going out to lunch with your family on the weekend. Remember the badge of courage you wear on your face and that those that matter most to you don't mind and wouldn't have you any other way.

Look I started this a week ago and I will not give up. I hope you feel inspired, Love and Peace abides!


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You are totally right. I have to deal with people's reactions to my face everyday and i swear its hard everytime. But am working on going out more often. 

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This helps a bit.  I have two children, ages 23 and 18 going through intense acne battles.  I feel so helpless, but have been so proud of both of them for being brave and soldering on.

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The hard part of life is to ho to parties or dinner were their is more light and good looking peoples and girls.
But I'm trying my best and I'm suffering from pimples for more than 7 years so now its part of my regular life.

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