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I look at copper peptides as a antibacterial with the potential to provide your own skin's natural growth. Can other things do this like tipple antibiotic, colloidal silver, etc ... potentially.   Personally I did not see any BIG difference. PRP would be more effective than this as it's growth factors. But that is faster healing, not magic voodoo to make scars disappear. You can give it a try if you wish. It works for some. I think of it as a additional item not the main buffet for treatment.

Give it a try, it's not to expensive. May work for you. There was a case study years ago, but case studies don't always line up with results in real life. I think HA serum and vitamin C is much more beneficial. 

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Thank you so much, beautifulambition! 

Do you have any recommendations for CP product(s)? Do you use any currently?

Also, how do I incorporate CPs into my current, already "full" skincare routine? I use tretinoin every other night, am working up to 20% vitamin C serum everyday, a glycolic acid serum (if my skin doesn't look too overexfoliated) once a week, a niacinamide, ceramide and HA containing moisturizer, and TCA peels monthly. 

I'm definitely willing to give copper peptides a chance, as long as I can figure out where to include them in my skincare routine.

You said HA and vitamin C serum are more beneficial for acne scars ... can you clarify? I didn't think these did anything but possibly lighten hyperpigmentation (vitamin C) and moisturize (HA.) I've also heard vitamin C can help with collagen production, but again, this by itself doesn't really do much for actual scars in my experience (having used tretinoin, the "granddaddy" of collagen induction topicals, for 2.5 years.)

Thanks again, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and especially your copper peptide product recommendations (if you have any.)

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The copper GHK-CU is supposedly the best as it's the original. No I don't use it as I don't find it worthwhile, but you may ;-)

Why do you need this, you seem to have enough actives. IT won't do anything that special. I would put it on before moisturizer and let it dry or before the glycolic. 

It sounds like you are doing a lot on your face with peels and all that. You can do it as aftercare I suppose after your peel before the occlusive.  I can see it used then after peels or treatments. 

 HA is beneficial for collagen, skin plumping, moisture, and vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant. These things aren't peels or subcision, etc... They are skincare. HA is a good replacement as a moisturizer, and you know about filler.

I think there is a lot of hype around Copper peptides. IF you would like to see what others have said about it or any skin care there is a much better place. Goto http://www.reddit.com and the sub is skincareaddiction search for that. You can ask questions or search for topics. Tons more people into skincare science and usage there. 

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