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Severe cystic acne treatment

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Hi guys, my name is Adam, Im 25 and from the uk. I have suffered with cystic acne since the age of 15. Tried most treatments available, I had a corse of acctutane when I was 16/17 and that never worked, every antibiotic under the sun never helped. And all sorts of different creams etc.
i have recently been to see a derm because my acne is really bad at the moment I'd say around 20+ cysts some the size of a 50p on my back and face. They have sent me away with the only option of accutane. I'd love to know if anybody can help me, I really don't fancy accutane again. There must be a underlying reason why I get it so bad hormones or allergic reactions? Or something simple I'm missing? 
(Any help at all would be much appreciated I need an end to this pain!!!) 
thanks for reading, adam. 

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Hi Adam. Really sorry about your skin problems. I'm 25 and I've had my fair share of cystic acne too. It's so depressing. For cystic acne (as opposed to regular acne) I don't think you can really treat it from the outside. Actually, I had some of the worst cysts in my life after using topical acne products that my skin just can't tolerate. It took years for me to realize/admit that both salicylic acid and retinol make my cystic acne much worse. I'm not sure what you meant when you mentioned "allergic reactions" but I recommend using super gentle, basic products if possible. Do less, not more.

For prevention, I suggest making a small lifestyle change and see if it helps or not. Personally, I cut out dairy and meat from my diet and I definitely think it helped. I've heard dairy is bad for skin in general and both dairy and meat have a lot of hormones that can mess you up. I guess it's a little extreme but you could try no dairy for a few months and see what happens. Only problem is your body will lose its tolerance for those things. Last week I tried a few meatballs and I had a cystic acne flare-up...

Something else you could try is vitamins/supplements. I love my daily multivitamin and I know some people have had success taking zinc, garlic, vinegar, etc. Maybe do some research. Also, I always get acne in the winter when it gets really cold and dry outside. Not much you can do about that, other than moisturize and drink water. Stress is also a factor for me. After I went on medication for my anxiety I noticed an improvement in my skin.

Did you have bad side effects on accutane? I'd say follow your instincts there. It has helped a lot of people but I'm personally pretty distrustful of it. 

I hope you find something that works for you. 


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