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Random bite marks at night

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Hey there I’m 17 years old and I’ve been getting these random bite marks/insect bite the things I’m just my face. It’s only at night. If I hang out on my bed during the day I don’t get it. I currently have a bit acne like really minor. Mostly just hyperpigmenation from old acne. One night my face can be all clear then bam the next morning I have marks in one concentrated area. They hurt and don’t feel like acne. My doctor told me that it was just acne but I really don’t think so. They sometimes are really small red dots or super big. And they bleed a lot. Can someone clarify my if it’s just acne or not ? I’m just so frustrated because now that I’m mostly acne free this comes up. It looks like acne from far away but it doesn’t feel like it /: they turn into scars then they go away in like a week. I tried sleeping in my couch but I still get them sometimes /: 


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do a google image search. do your marks look like anything which be caused by bugs? bedbugs bits for example cause red dots.
- it would not hurt to clean your bedding, mattress and wash your pillow

but could it be your scratching your face in the night, while asleep? - if so, you might want to cut your nails short.


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