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Subcision and Infini

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first I wanted to do subcision and after that Co2-Laser.
Some members of this forum advise to use Infini RF Microneedling.

If I choose to do subcision and after that Infini, how many days should I wait after the subcision to go in for Infini? Does that matter?

Again, thank you for your replies.

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It really depends on your scars, if you have very fibrotic scars the spring or solenoid of Infini, as good as the device is, will not penetrate into the deeper dermis due to resistance. Now, if you have a good specialist, he or she will know that, and place you on another device - less powerful but stronger motor- like Instensif by EndyMed. If you have super fibrotic scars and a microneedling system is not available, use a fractional laser CO2 but it need to be powerful - at least 80-90 mj at minimum with a clean short pulse duration. No cheating and double stacking. Lasers like the Lumenis Scar Fx can get to a specified depth. 80% specialist skill levels, 20% device. If no lasers at all, horizontal subcision with the lipo technique can break down scars. Many roads to the same destination, depending on skill level and equipment. You will get the best results by seeing someone who has all the tools of the trade, and knows how to use them- namely a dermatologist or plastics who specialises in acne scar revision. This is a sub speciality in itself. Moderators like BA have knowledge and expertise that is far superior than the average dermatologist, so choose your specialist wisely. Novick, Rapaport and others are stand out scar specialists in the US. 

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There are three combinations which I think of.
Subcision+Co2; Subcision+Infini; Subcision+Filler

I´ve three deep scars which is my main problem.

I`m a little bit scared of fillers, because I experienced how the filler didn`t fill the hole because I had no subcision before.

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@SalientDouble Yes it does matter. The body is very slow to heal. Doing to much together is bad. Collagen takes 3 months to form. This is why I say spread out your treatments over years for maximum healing, the body does not work on fast treatment schedules.

You do a sub, you get saline and chinese cupping (Amazon) if you don't want filler, then you wait a few months, and treat again, the very minimum I would do is every month and this is with non energy devices (Aka sub / peels). 

I would not do Infini and CO2, that's asking for side effects. You only need rf microneedling, and lastly several medium strength tca peels for texture or one sedated deep peel.  
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Thank you for the quick and profound replies from all of you.
Just to be sure.
I want to combine subcision + x
I guess subcision + filler should should be most efficient.
Am I right? (I know depended on several other modalities like doctor, scar type etc.)

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What scars do you have? Treatment modalities differ based on the type of scar you exhibit.

Be that as it may, if your scars are shallow, do not get subcision. Moreover, if you have A LOT of scars (eg. extensive), do not get subcision. In both cases, subcision won't do much. You would be better off with Infini.

If you do have just a few deep scars that won't flatten even if you pull your skin, which means it's tethered, then go for subcision.

The best course of treatment IMO is to, first, plump up the pits as much as possible, especially in the case of boxcars, and then use filler and TCA peel to even out the surface.

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