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Seriously, what is this??

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Hi all,
I am over 40 years old and not even in my teenage years have I ever had acne problems. And now, for the last 4-5 months, this!! I have tried changing my diet, consuming more water daily, moisturizer, daily face wash, clearasil etc etc but nothing seem to work. Everyday there seems to be a new one and the healing ones seem to leave a mark on my face. For some reason, they are all concentrated on my cheekbones but on both sides of my face.
I really don’t have any experience with this, so any feedback about what I might be suffering from or it’s treatment is welcome.
Thanks a million 



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Suggest you see your dr,anti biotics should help and kill the acne causing bacteria.whst it is would be hard to say,it needs a biopsy/sample taking to find out if its fingal/bacteria and what type.

regardless dont start throwing products at your face.wash with warm clean water and pat dry with a clean towel,dont touch and pick.

get your dr promptly and dont leave without a course of anti biotics and see how it gos from there.

report back your progress.

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Quadboy, you might be a lifesaver man!! Thank you so much for your input.
I never thought of anything bacterial. Took few pills for viral infection but when it didn’t work, didn’t think it further.
will update you in few days.
thanks again 

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Saw a dermatologist on Monday which prescribed a cream called Nadixa. I have used it since Tuesday and I am happy to say, by today (Friday), almost 75% of my face has cleared except the scars. That stuff seems to do wonders for bacterial zits


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