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New accutane user

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I'm New to this and accutane but I was wondering if accutane can be transferred through spit or saliva and if the person giving oral sex is safe from it if the sperm gets in her mouth also how long does it stay in your system after your done using it sorry if this is inappropriate but I'm just really nervous and scared

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Becaus i forgot to put sorry if this is inappropriate
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Short answer: You're fine! Don't worry about that.

Isotretinoin (Accutane) is essentially a very strong version or amount of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin. Like all fat soluble vitamins, it is toxic in large amounts over time (to you and fetuses within you alone) because it is stored rather than simply peed out. This means the Vitamin A is mixed with fats and tends to be stored in our fats (also is best absorbed with a large meal of fatty foods). It will not transfer through saliva, it won't transfer through reproductive juices either. Men cannot transfer the drug to their sexual partners. The risks of hurting someone as a male only come when they try to give blood (not sure why, but there must be some fats or Vit. A  in blood that hurt those who need the blood) and I'm sure there are some other select cases like possibly organ donation.

As always, please refer to a professional to get valid information, this contradicts what I said but it is better advice because you came here for answers rather than calling up your Dermatologist. Refer to a dermatologist for most accurate information because they work with the drug more regularly and specifically than say a pharmacist or general practitioner.

Also just read the iPledge information if that is in your country. Another credible resource is the warning sheet that comes with the drug itself or the information on the packaging. They tend to tell you warnings because it covers their but from being sued, but this information can also tell you what NOT to do.

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