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Peoples Views on Acne?

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Having suffered mild acne since the age of 13 (17 male now), this has always been one of my greatest insecurities. As soon as you think you’re becoming clear, another one of those annoying brats pop up.

So my question is, what do people actually think about acne when they see it? Do people find it disgusting or do they just shrug it off? Do they even notice? I notice a lot of people’s skins but that’s only so I can compare it to my own. 

1) What do girls think about Boys have acne?

2) What do boys think about girls with acne? I personally don’t care whether the girl has acne (probably because I also have it)

any answers are appreciated:)

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If I notice acne on someone I don't think it fully registers in my head if that makes sense. I certainly don't stare or think bad things when I'm talking to someone with acne. My skin is far from perfect so perhaps I'm one of those people who sympathise or look past it I don't really know. All I do know is that it does not affect the way I see people. 

After having real insecurities about my own skin I started really looking at other people's skin, the type that you think wow their skin is perfect and have realized that if you study others like you study yourself you will notice that almost most people have imperfections.

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I think us acne sufferers sympathize with others and don't judge them.  People who don't deal with acne may notice it but the mature ones will ignore it or see past it.  The immature ones will comment and stare.  Acne doesn't define a persons:


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