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My once clear face has been ruined!! (Pics included)

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Before / during & after pics- you can probably guess which is which and why im so upset. I have always had mild acne but went on roaccutane years ago and have maintained pretty decent / clear skin for years with Duac gel and regular cleansing but recently I have been getting horrific "allergic reactions" to ALL of my facial cosmetics- just on my face- and cant even wear my foundation / use my facial cleanser without horrific results (see pics) . Basically now im house-bound and have been for months as i wont leave the house unless its to go for doctors/derm appointments and feel so horrific about myself i might have to drop out of uni . So depressing. Sometimes these reactions can clear within a week completely if i remove the culprit-  at the moment, EVERYTHING is the culprit even water stings and burns and makes my face sore and bumpy. I take anti allergy tablets every day with little to no obvious help . I cant even use cetaphil cleanser at the moment without it burning/ itching and the dermatologist just said it was acne and i must be stressed........... it will probably flatten within a week though but i still wont be able to cover the marks because every foubdation i try gives me a similar reaction! so frustrating. Anyone been through anything similar? Im at a loss. So sad.  Before: perfectly smooth skin (albeit with makeup.... but i didnt have one bump!)IMG_5015.PNG again, before: nice normal smooth skin:  IMG_5007.PNG just before a flare up no makeup : ( my skin gets sore and red and itchy and uncomfortable and bumpy......IMG_5010.PNG annnnnnd after a particularly bad 'reaction'..... (thankfully its not to this extent now but its still bumpy and sore and not right at all) .........so bad.IMG_5012.PNG  (^^^^^that awful reaction that got diagnosed as acne by a derm actually went completely flat within a week after i swapped laundry detergents and threw out flannels that i was using that were washed in the strongly fragranced stuff and liberally applied my beloved Duac gel which of course i am now sensitIve to and seem to have developed a reaction to after years of use) please help- desperate x

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Stop, just relax and chill. If you ever felt burning sensation on your face, use avene thermal spring water to calm your face and stay away from water. Your skin will need time to heal it self. Dont freak out and give it time. 

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This worked for me and you might consider it as a possibility. I reduced my cleansing to water only and once a week.  On other days I just pat off any sweat or dust with a damp paper towel.  Your skin is designed to protect you from pollutants and bacteria so you don't have to stress about cleansing those off so much.  There's no magic serum that makes your skin heal, your skin heals itself, you just need to give it time and not irritate it.  This may take a couple months to a full year for your skin to completely rebalance and heal itself but it's well worth it.  

This is just my take, it worked for me and may work for you.  

Best of luck!

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Hi dear, I am very sorry to hear about your condition. I have acne from last 6 years. But now its much in control. Now I have found the reason because of which i had acne. It was because of my stomach and unclean pillow case. Now I take care of my digestive system and dont eat things that are not good for acne. I get disposable pillow covers from this website kovrdpillowslips.com These ones are actually disposable so super easy! They also have product in them that improves the condition of your her whilst she sleeps. I hope this will help you.

 I wish you best of luck and take care. :)

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