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what should i do about my scars?

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Hi, Im new here and i was hoping anyone had experience of how to help bad scarring, Im 19 now and have extremely pale skin. I have had acne for years and i still get pimples sometimes but for the most part it isnt what it used to be like. But now i have horrible pits all over my face, mostly my cheeks. I have a combination of rolling scars and boxcar scars., I dont really have icepick scars but i do have big pores. I take good care of my skin and use a cream called tactupump. I have also tried microneedling at home for about 6 months and it seems to be doing nothing . I am extremely depressed and already have issues mentally, but this is making it much more impossible to do anything, i can barely go outside. I dont have much money so i dont think i can afford to do laser treatments. Id like to try subcison, but i dont know anywhere around the Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario area that does it. Im desperate at this point, anyone have any advice?

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Your 19 I would not be doing all of the above ^. Your skin will heal somewhat with time keep that in mind. I want you to goto the derm or go on ebay / amazon order tretinorin. 1% and use it at night when your not doing acid peels or healing from acid peels. I want you to start with glycolic peels and see if that helps. If it's not strong enough get a med spa or your Dr to do TCA peels on the area with surface pittin. Depending on the depth you may need subcision if they are deeper than a pencil eraser. No rush to do all of this, do as much as you can. I don't see microneedling helping alone, you need to even out the skin surface. 

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