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Starting a Minocycline Hydrochloride 200mg for a month... is it too much?

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So today I went to my doctor and he prescribed me 100mg of Minocycline Hydrochloride for 1 month. (2 pills a day). I was also prescribed topical. Prior to my visit to the doctor, I mostly focused on using natural things including honey to fight off my acne. I would classify myself as mild (on the brink of moderate) acne. Ive been researching this acne drug and it seems that its side effects are quite scary. They include discoloration of skin, teeth, nausea, possibility of lupus, hairloss, and joint pain. Reading about these make me not want to take the doses my doctor is asking me to. 200mg seems a lot for 1 day. What do you guys think?  Im a male 5'10 150 lbs. Will I be alright taking this dosage for the month or should i stick to just one pill a day. 

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Hey, I’m about to start a Mino course 100mg /day (130lbs male). Also very scared about those side effects. My acne is pretty much as yours, mildly-moderate. What did you end up doing?how did it work for you? Thanks

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I have been on Mino for years... I have tried all there is. At last point, 50 worked well for me to stay stable. 200 is a pretty big dose longer term. Mino enters brain easily, and diziness, ears ringing, hard sleep etc. are possible. 

The problem with mino, as with other antibiotics, is they don't solve anything. You can take them over 5 years, as soon as you stop, back to beginning. 

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