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Acne breakout or just a few pimples? FREAKING OUT

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Hello everyone!
This is my first time posting here even though I have had acne for years. 
Up until a week ago, I had pretty clear skin. Then after a night of binge drinking, I got an pretty pimple (hurt at first, deep inside, red, inflamed, no head) on my nose. I knew that this type of pimple is a serious one, so I stayed vigilant. It's been a week and it still does not have a head but the pain and swelling subsided. However, it is still red. 
The next day, I got a similar one on my left cheek, but this went away in a few days. 
Then in the last two days, after going through some stressful events at work, I developed a less serious one on my right cheek and right temple. These ones, although they are red, inflammed, and have no head, they do not hurt. They seem like they are more on the surface of my skin as well. I can just tell that these two are not so bad, but it is still concerning.
So up to date, I have 1 serious pimple, and 2 not-so-bad ones. 
I DO NOT want a repeat of my horrible acne breakouts in the past years. 
My question is, is it time to start applying Tactupump (BP prescription medication) and start taking minocycline (oral antibiotic)? 
Or should I just stick to my usual skin regiment that's worked in the past (wash, toner, moisturize, exfoliate, salicylic acid)?

Thanks so much for your help




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I would just wait it out and keep with your normal routine because changing things in your routine may cause your skin to freak out and get more acne, which wouldn't be good. Hopefully it will pass and you'll get back to having clear skin, if things just continue to get worse then maybe look into changing your routine, but right now you should just try to calm down. You could try spot treating those active pimple with tea tree oil to see if they'll go away a bit faster as well. Good luck 

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