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Month 1 of Tazorac. Been breaking out like crazy along the jawline where I rarely get any pimples, I read it takes at least 3 months to see some improvement so I'm going to stick it out 2 more months.
Also thinking of getting vbeam or some type of PDL treatment for the horrible skin tone/ blotchy redness once the active acne clears, has any one had any positive experience with vbeam or other similar treatments?



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Organic dairy and meat makes huge difference!!
raw eating cures any skin issues!  Start eating more fruits and veggies!!
apply nonfat buttermilk for 15 min every 2 days, it's great for healing scars
try washing with raw honey in the morning for faster acne healing 

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id be really careful with tazorac..that stuff ruined my life...id also caution against any lasers...so many horror stories with both laser and retinods..lasers being worse and even less hopeful as far as repairing the damage done......ironically i can only advocate for accutane as i had success with no side effects, about 4 or so years ago, but now that youve been on a retinoid, idk...the tazorac usage was unneccsary and a big mistake on my part..and that was about 10 months ago...im still dealing with the dire consequences and ruminating over the fact that it could all possibly be permanent...id also advocate for any much less risky ways of getting skin tone back to normal...not something as powerful as a chemical peel, because god knows ive seen plenty of horror stories about those too..but other more benign ways of exfoliating maybe (DONT EXFOLIATE WHILE ON TAZORAC THO...dont do it for quite some time after either..huge no no) and protecting yourself from the elements and sun as well as being healthy in general

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