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Is this Hyper pigmentation?

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I had one bad breakout on my cheeks a few months ago and the aftermath was all these red marks on my cheeks. Will these marks eventually fade? My dermatologist prescribed me adapalene (differin 0.1% ) and I use it in the evening and I use aloe Vera in the morning. 

Will i I be left with a lot of scarring and will these marks go away?



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Hyperpigmentation is when a pimple goes away and the 'bump' is gone but a red mark is left. When you touch this red mark, it will be flat and you won't feel a bump as you would if there was a pimple so yes I believe that is hyperpigmentation!
That will eventually fade but unfortunately it may take some time depending on your skin. For some lucky people it will fade within weeks but for people like me it will take months to a year.
Just recently I started wearing sunscreen everyday whether or not there's sun (an oil free one that won't cause breakouts) and I found that even thought it didn't get rid of my marks; when I got a new spot instead of it being red for ages - it faded faster! Also, applying coconut oil may help but DO A PATCH TEST! For some people coconut oil clogs pores like crazy!! Do some research on coconut oil if you haven't already - it really helps! If I  at home all day I melt it and apply it with a  Q Tip on the marks and then at night too. 

Don't worry it isn't permanent and in this case - time is key!! 

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