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Aspirin+Tea tree oil treatment gone bad

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So yesterday I got a big spot on my cheekbone and in attempt to get rid of it, I spent the entire day attacking it with several products. It was going fine and it seemed to have shrunk from morning till evening. But then, i got impatient and I picked on it, even tho It looked like a blind spot (one that has no head and sits deeper under skin). Of course, it became all red and inflamed. So, i decided to put some asprin paste with few drops of tea tree oil on it. What happened next was very WEIRD! when i washed it off, the skin area around the spot was WHITE and a few hours later very RED. I went to sleep and woke up to still very red pimple + the area around it. It was also very sensitive to touch. It kind of seems like my skin around the pimple burned a little and now im not sure what to do....PLEASE HELP. It hurts, its red and the pimple is still as strong as ever. i stuck a sliced aloe vera leaf on it using a band aid, but so far i dont understand what it is, and how long it will take to heal and if its going to scar! One thing to note is that i did put some aspirin paste on it earlier in the day (without the tea tree oil) and there wasnt any bad reaction like that...so is it the tea tree oil that caused this??? 

DOES ANYONE HAVE SIMILAR STORIES AND KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO TO HELP IT.! It will be much appreciated and make me feel like im not alone :((((((


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Aspirin I believe has some exfoliating properties and tea tree oil is very strong and could be irritating to the skin. 
When you have such deep pimples, nothing could be done, except to maybe put ice on them and wait for the swelling to decrease.
This type of acne is treated with a preventative regimen as it takes 2-3 months for a pimple to form. Benzoyl peroxide could have been used to keep the area clean of bacteria, but again- it wouldn't have gotten rid of the pimple as you wanted.

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