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BP stops working suddenly?

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So I've been using BP for about three weeks and at first it was great, my whiteheads cleared up within days and no pustules developed. But now I've started to get them again and my skins started to go all red and flaky even though that didn't happen for the first two and a bit weeks when I started. I'm 17 and my forehead and laugh lines are so pronounced whats going on? It worked for two solid weeks what happened? I didn't change anything I'm using the same amount I started with why is my acne suddenly back and my skin suddenly irritated when it wasn't before? 

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Yeah, the biggest downside of BP is that is can really dry out your skin! It doesn't always happen right away either, which it why your skin was fine at first. Consistent, regular use can dry it out over time. Bright side - you found something that works for you! The dry skin is normal, and so it will be relatively easy to combat. 

- Make sure you are using a moisturizer if you aren't already. 
- If you are using the BP multiple times a day, try scaling back for awhile until the dryness subsides (don't stop altogether though). 
- Make sure the other products you are using, such as cleansers, aren't over-drying. Combining overly harsh acne washes with BP can be a bit overkill and cause your skin to get irritated. 

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