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Hello folks, made an account to share what has helped me with my acne.

I'm a 29 year old man. From the age of 14, I suffered from horrible cystic acne. The only thing that got rid of the cysts was accutane. If you have cysts and haven't tried accutane, do so. Asap. 

Before accutane I tried everything else. Antibiotics, creams, you name it. My folks while well intentioned, (a friend's son used accutane and had a mental breakdown) delayed my trying it by years. Immediate results, never had cysts again.

Up until a few months ago, I still had pimples. What worked to clear that up was to stop drinking milk and other dairy. I also rest the side of my face on my forearm or back of hand instead of pillowcase. Try these things out.

 Acne has caused me a lot of heartache, I hope these tips help someone out there.

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Sure thing. Some other important things I left out.

Benzoyl peroxide 10% and cetaphil moisturizer cream in the mornings and at night. I use Neutrogena moisturizer/spf 50 sunscreen when out in the sun. Counterintuitive, but it's important to stay moisturized. Your skin apparently overcompensates dryness with excess oil..

Hope this helps, folks. Took me years to get it right.

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