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Hi guys,
I'm in agony here! I got a massive cyst on my face more than 3 months ago. My dermatologist said it was too hard to drain and gave me a cortisone injection. It went down for about  month, then came back and even spread a little. 
After a lot of home remedies and heat packing (none or which worked) I ended up going to get it surgically drained. The dermatologist made a small incision, squeezed it a lot, dug around with a scalpel and put a bandage on it. While she was able to get a lot out, it was still swollen afterwards. That never got better, so now two weeks later I have basically a red-purple cyst on my face that is just 30% smaller. I can't even see the incision anymore. 

I'm not sure if I should try to get it surgically drained a second time or not. I'm just wondering what went wrong with the surgery and if anyone else has had this happen? She didn't irrigate the site, or give me any antibiotics to take afterwards, as I'm on a low-dose doxycycline (40mg) all the time. If you've had a cyst drained, did the surgeon rinse it out and did you have to take a course of antibiotics afterwards? I want to make sure I do it right this time so my face isn't scarred too badly!

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hmmm well sounds like the sac might still be in there? If its a sebaceous cyst

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