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Squeezing the skin under rolling scars with your fingers evens them out?

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Hi! I am posting again. I don't know exactly what it is but I thought I hade these rolling scars on my right cheek that were created by some bad cystic acne. It's not really rolling scars though cause the surface skin in that area is very flat and scarless but the skin underneath it is uneven and it's like it has irregular lumps. Anyway it seems to have improved by 50% over the last 5 years on it's own. It's still there though. I have used intense 1mm dermaroller on it (yes lots of blood) and it seems to have improved it too. Like I said the surface skin is flat but in certain lightning you can see how the skin is clearly uneven and it forms shadows over the area. When you touch it with your fingers you feel like these irregular lumps. What is this kind of scarring called or if you could call it scarring?

But to get to the point. Anyway I'm addicted to touching this uneven area and by doing so I have started to squeeze the area with 2 fingers. You squeeze it hard enough and you get this crackling noise like you would get from intense dermarolling too. When you have squeezed the area for long enough you don't get or hear these crackling noise anymore and the skin is now pointing upwards  but after a while they even out and the skin is much better than before and lumps are gone. Although is does leave red marks for some time and could form a scab if you are too intense. This scar is the one I am certain to improve to the point where it's not visible anymore. Not like ice pick scars which are likely to stay there forever unless I do regularly TCA cross on them.

Does anyone have this type of scar with even skin on top but uneven and lumpy underneath? Have you tried squeezing them? I'm not sure if everybody reacts the same way but I am definitely improving this skin area by doing so.

Cheers! :)

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You have no picture, ...not sure what your talking about, the description is unclear. 

Could be cysts, or a hematoma, or many other things like a nodule. Goto a dermatologist doctor please.

Do not squeeze and pick this causes scars.

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Update: This is not a cyst, nodule or anything like that with active acne in it. It's basically just some form of scarring deep underneath the skin. It's the result of some very very bad cystic acne I luckily only had for a couple of months before being put on accutane. I had these two ver very big cysts. One on the right cheek and one on the left. It wasn't like normal cysts either cause they turned the skin color into grey. Had no idea wtf was happening and never seen anything like it before. I researched if anyone else had something like it but haven't found anything. i think I was a very very rare case. Went to a dermatologist and he said it was the worst he's ever seen and he had no idea what caused they skin to turn grey in these areas. Anyway I was put on accutane at once and the cysts disappeared along with the greyness(thank god...). 

Now on my right cheek I was left with this deep underneath skin scarring that really didn't effect the surface of the skin, leaving no visible surface scars. Although my skin was very uneven and when I looked in the mirror you could see shadows form and making the skin look like the surface of an uneven rock or something. Don't know how to explain it. This kind of scar was so deep I could not treat it with TCA cross or anything neither dermarolling did much(maybe helped a little) cause it didn't penetrate that deep. So I began squeeing the skin at this area, so hard that you hear this crackling noise. I imagine it being skin or scar tissue being broke down to heal again thus making it a little bit more even after every time. I saw very fast amazing results. The squeezing left the skin very red for some days and sometimes even a scab formed on the surface skin just cause I squeezed hard and for a long time. I covered this up with foundation when i was going to work/school. I would only stop squeezing by the time I didn't hear any crackling noise by squeezing anymore. I reckon I had by then broken down all the scar tissue to heal itself again. Anyway now I don't see shadows anymore and the skin is about 90% even. Just a tiny spot that you can feel with your finger. I will probably do some dermastamping at this spot in a couple of weeks cause it is not that deep but first I will let the skin rest and heal for some weeks.

This is NOT something any expensive laser or surgical treatment could have solved as I reckon it's too deep for these kind of surface scar skin treatment. I would advise anyone who have similar scars try to do the same thing. It has been a miracle for me. Cause it's impossible to make the skin worse.

Now on my left cheek I was left with a deep boxscar instead which haven't got much better by dermarolling only a little. Right there the skin is NOT damaged by this deep skin uneven scar. I will see a dermatologist soon to see what they think is the best treatment for it. Probably will try TCA cross and if that doesn't improve the scar I will probably go for subcision.

Cheers! :)

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