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I am soooo busy. But i thought I'd share some info to other acne sufferers based on my experience. Hopefully this could help someone. If you read my past post, I had used Retin A. This post is the most recent update on what is going on with my skin. Retin A worked well for my skin when i first used it. Once i got clear skin, i completely stopped. I broke out again after three months of not using Retin A. So i started using it again, and this time it did not work at all. In fact, because the retin A made my skin so thin and sensitive, when i broke out again, my skin started to scar!!!! SCAR!!! something i never dealt with in my life. I was the lucky person who when i broke out, i just got hyper pigmentation.  So scarring was such a sad moment. So i stopped using Retin A because it was changing my skin texture. Now I am completely clear from acne, taking a natural route. And when i get a pimple, it does not leave a scar.
This is my current routine for my skin: ( oh and i have hormonal acne)

Supplements :
1) vitamin code raw whole food and probiotics (multi-vitamin Brand- Garden of Life)-  It recommends 4 pills a day. But since I eat healthy I only eat 2 pills
2) 2 cups of water with 1 tbps Apple cider vinegar
3) 2 cups of water with 1 tbps tumeric powder
4)1 serving of maca, 1 serving of matcha
5) 2 cups of either peppermint tea, lemon tea or green tea
6) a serving of golgi berries
 (now this alone helps with preventing acne and if i get acne, it helps my skin scar less and heal faster)

1) I wash with african black soap
2) spot treat blemishes and scarring with tumeric powder mixed with benonite clay and french pink clay
3) Toner Spray DIY: green tea, sea salt (natural kind), tea tree essential oil and helichrysum essentail oil
4) Moisturizer: Raw organic shea butter mixed with Frankincense, tea tree, rose hip, geranium essential oil)--> I KID YOU NOT this reduces acne by 50% the next day,
I really hope I have helped. If anyone anyone can try this, keep me posted if this works for you.


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Well i stopped using retin A in oct 31, 2016.  I think my skin isn't as thin now as it was before, because when i do get a pimple, it doesn't leave a scar instead it just leaves a hyper pigmentation. I still think my skin is a little thin, but i expect it to get back to normal within a year. I don't have orange peel skin, thank god.

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