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Accutane - can I dye/highlight my hair?

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I'm 30yo and I've been taking Roaccutane (30mg) for about a month now.
I'm doing ok so far, only symptoms are very dry lips and very slight flaking of skin on my face (mostly nose). In the first 2 weeks I had a lot of itching on my scalp, around my nose and forehead. This has calmed down now.

Now to my question - I was planning on having a makeover and cutting my (very long brown) hair short and dying it red which I imagine would involve bleaching (i am going to a hairdresser). I just remembered the Roaccutane and now I'm worried. There are no warnings about dying hair in the care leaflet with the medicine but I'm still not sure..? Do you think ombre or balayage would be safer? or not do it at all? 

My hair seems fine at the moment but I have been washing it less since starting Roaccutane, it used to get greasy after a day. I guess I'm more worried about my scalp.

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i've been on roaccutane since september (40mg) and from then to now ive had my hair done 3 times, once highlighted and twice balayage and its been fine. 

My scalp was a little sensitive but wasn't nothing to worry about.
i told my hairdresser i was on the tablets and she said it wasn't a problem and they also had a shampoo for sensitive skin which was nice. 

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Did you stop taking Roaccutane before dying your hair? As far as I know, you have to refrain from bleaching or using chemical treatments on your hair if you're taking it. I mean, I never took it right before the procedure. Still, you better consult a dermatologist before doing it. Also, try to do a patch test on your arm before dying your hair in order to avoid burning or other side effects. Make sure you use trusted products like those from hairdecoration.com. I've been sing it for almost 2 years, because, they're specialized in hair treatment and have one of the best items for this purpose.

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