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Best way to treat this type of hormonal acne?

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Hi everyone, 

So I used to have really awful acne of this sort about 3 years ago, but my birth control OTC has done a good job at maintaining my skin lately. I've been on it about 2.5 years. over the last month I've started breaking out around my chin and jaw area with the same type of acne as before. 

I've just been prescribed clindoxyl and have only been using it for about a week. So far I like it but haven't seen any real improvement (I know I have to wait much longer though!) I also just bought some glycolic acid to add to my routine so hopefully that helps a bit. I also just use a mild cleanser and cetaphil as a moisturizer. 

My question is, does anyone know why this is happening again, and what the best way to treat it would be? Switching birth control is my last resort because of the 3 month acne blowout which makes me incredibly depressed and embarrassed to go outside. But I am open to hearing ideas and personal experience to help make a decision as to how to best treat this. 




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I struggle from hormonal acne as well. Never had bad skin until I graduated college and finally dragged myself to a dermatologist. 

I am perscribed Spironolcatone (pills) which I take twice a day (I'm now up to 100mg) , Ziana topical OTC gel at night and Aczone topical otc gel for the day. I am also now on a low hormone birth control to keep my cycle calm. 

My skin has clearly SO MUCH. The painful cystic acne is completely gone, but I occasionally get small pimples. 

My advice to you is to stick iT out with your perscription Topical. It will take at least 6 weeks to show real improvement. I've been using my prescriptions for almost a year now. My skin still isn't perfect, but I'm glad I was patient enough  get this far. 

I recommend going easy on the glycolic acid: it can't really irritate your skin if it is excessively used and make things worse. Limit usage to once a week, maybe even once every 10 days. Same rules for doing any face masks or using anything stronger than your mild face wash. 

Your acne looks to be papules. 

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Thank you for your advice :) I definitely will stick out my topical, I do like it so far I'm just hoping it makes a difference in the long run and that I'm on the right path. Ive used glycolic acid twice back to back and haven't noticed any redness but I'll go easy on it just in case

i was also considering asking my doctor about Spiro but I felt it was best to go the topical route first since my acne is mostly mild right now. I'm glad you like it and that it's working for you! I've heard lots about aczone as well so I'll do a bit of research into that too.

Thanks again :)

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