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Mutated/Indented Pore in middle of nose

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Dear all, 

I need some serious help, never thought a single pore could cause so much distress!

When I was 18 (now 25), I stupidly squeezed too hard with a blackhead extractor on a pore just in the middle of my nose. I think I squeezed out some fat or the whole hair folice. Later, I got a red pimple there, which I stupidly scratched. I think this was a reaction to the hair folicie or fat being removed, and the body trying to recover, well now I'm screwed. Or that's what I feel. 

The pore is usually enlarged, but when I use some AHA/BHA it comes down to "normal" size as the other pores surrounding it. However, the color of it is always brown/dark, and it only procudes some black kind of gunk, making it look like I have a birthmark right in the middle of my nose :( 

Also, the area around it is slightly indented, and if I "shrink" it down to "normal" size, one can see that the pore is indented, like a small circle down in the skin, then a larger hole down where the small damaged pore resides. 

Does anyone have any idea how I may resolve this? It's small, and noone notices it but me, but it bothers the hell out of me due to it's location. 

I've even been thinking of excising it (think a 1mm would do), but I have a feeling that would make it only worse.

Anyone seen anything like it or knows what can be done? 

I planned on making this tread my little journal-book. So will keep updated on the progress. 

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I'd goto a dermatologist. You have already scratched the area a bit. It's time to see a professional. The nose has several veins around it so it's a more delicate area to deal with. A indentation typically needs subcision, but again this is a delicate area. 

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