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Extreme dryness - Advice on what to use for moisturisers

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Hi everyone!

I'm just wondering if i can get some feedback from you guys about experiencing extreme dryness on the face while using this acne product.

I started in February and it took about 3 months to kick in, but after that my skin has been responding well in terms of keeping the acne at bay.
I don't use the moisturiser recommended in this pack as i found it really made my skin itch and flare up with redness and stopped immediately.

Unfortunately one downfall i have found is that my skin has become very dry, especially around the eyes. When i smile i have a very obvious web of wrinkles forming from the corners of my eyes and i look much older than i am. Along my forehead a number of wrinkles have also appeared going across my forehead - not deep, but they definitely weren't there before.

Currently i am only using Oil Free Combination  Skin Moisturiser(been using this for years)  by Neutrogena and al Cetaphil moisturising cream.
If i am not using any moisturiser my skin feel so tight and uncomfortable!

Does anyone have any advice on what i can do/use to help the dryness of my skin ? Have you had this experience too ? Have you had any luck with certain moisturising products while on this treatment ?

Thanks you so much in advance!

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If your lips are dry: Hydrocortisone cream works SO well!

Face: I use a Ceraphil Moisturizer (works the best but takes awhile to dry, which can be good) before bed, and in the morning and whenever throughout the day I use Aveeno non-comodegenic moisturizer.

Hopefully this can help you, all products are available at drug stores, Target, and WalMart.

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I found the most amazing moisturizing/soothing cream for acne prone skin called Avene Clearance Hydra, it's SO GOOD. Its specially for skin that is dry from using topical creams like retinoids.

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