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Why won't my dermatologist prescribe me accutane

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I'm 16 years old and I've had cystic acne for almost 5 years I've tried everything with my dermatologist and when it seems like somethings working it stops. I can't with my cystic acne anymore. I'm in high school and it's my senior year and I don't want people to remember me as the girl who gets big red cystic acne on her nose. I only ever get cystic acne on my nose. My doctor has never once mentioned putting me on accutane the 5 years I've been with her. All she ever says is well the rest of your face looks so clean when the things she gives me don't work to fix the cystic acne on my nose. I've tried pills and they work for a bit and then stop so she takes me off of them and I use a sulfur facial wash and tretinoin cream but I honestly don't get the point because I still get constant acne even though I use all the products she gives me everyday the exact way she tells me to use them. Can any one give me advice on how I go about being put on accutane. Because I saw a video on YouTube about a guy who got put on accutane because he gets mild acne on his back so I think I could probably qualify for accutane.

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Seems like your current derm is just trying to treat you with the milder prescription options before resorting to Accutane.  If you perservere a bit longer with your derm you might find Accutane is soon the last option.  Your only other option is to try a different derm and explain what you've already tried to them.

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I kinda had this same situation a few years ago.  I had to be very assertive and tell my Dermatologist that it's time to start talking about Accutane.  If he was unwilling to prescribe it for me I was going to find a new Dermatologist.  You're still in High School and developing into your body, is there any family history of Liver/Kidney disease?  Depression? Mood disorders?  Those are all red flags or maybe your Dermatologist has reservations about prescribing Accutane to people under 18.  I had to get monthly blood tests to make sure nothing was being damaged. Learn about their reservations about the drug or even if they're certified to prescribe it.  Just be forthright and start the discussion.  You're the boss <3

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