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I found my 5th grade promotion pictures while looking in my closet and it made me realize just how long I've been struggling with acne and just how much it's affected my self-esteem.  Having acne forced me to be more self aware and I've tried every home remedy and face wash you could think of only to end up in the same place. I don't really know what it's like to have clear enough skin to be confident without makeup or to make eye contact with someone without assuming they're thinking the worse. I know that my acne could be worse but I've been dealing with mild and persistent acne for years, that I want to start living my life without my skin issue that has plagued me for too long. I didn't really have problems with hyperpigmentation until my most recent breakout and I honestly feel like my skin is the worse its ever been which is why I've finally agreed to take accutane after avoiding it because of the many horror stories I've heard. My dermatologist told me that eventually the accutane would help with my hyper pigmentation however I've been reading quite the opposite on this site.  I don't have any seriously deep embedded scarring, just hyper pigmentation and I wanted to know if accutane would even really help with that 

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Possible, accutane sheds skin faster so in turn that will help with hyperpigmentation. HOWEVER, your face is more red/sensitive and thinner too, so the redness of your marks will really stand out. 

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