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Anyone taken accutane and not on birth control

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Just wondering if anyone has taken accutane and not taken birth control???
My Dr wants to switch me from minocycline to accutane but said I had to go on birth control. I informed him I cannot take birth control, it completely messes up my body and I was told by another dr I cannot take it because I suffer from bad side effects no matter what I take, that still continue for months after I stop taking it. 
After our daughter was born 6 years ago my husband and I felt our family was complete with 2 children so he had a vasectomy because I couldn't take BC. 
My doctor won't take a vasectomy as a form of BC though. He has now referred me to a dermatologist but said he is going to make some phone calls to see if he is allowed to prescribed accutane and use a vasectomy as a form of BC while I wait for an avliable dermatologist appointment.
I'm feeling a little fed up 

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Yes I have been taking accutane without going on BC,  I am nearing the end of my second month and have had no problens with this, my doctor let me do this. 

I am now on BC though because I have become sexually active. 

My doctor allowed me to swear Abstinence basically. 

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My doctor has just rang and said he has consulted with other people and the office manager and they will allow me to take accutane, he has asked me to go down in 30 minutes to do blood work and talk through it 

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Glad to hear.  I took Accutane without birth control pills.  I don't like what it does to my body and I've been infertile for 7 years.  We used condoms and that was enough for my doctor. 

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