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Am I a Candidate for Accutane?

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My face has many scars from nearly a decade of Acne that has not responded to any treatments. (Yes I've tried changing my diet too.) I would like to know if I would be a Candidate for Accutane? It seems every pore in my face is clogged with stringy pus (sorry I know that's to much info) but I do get red heads and white heads as well as cysts on my cheeks that leave scars too.
My face is quite clogged my nose is clogged in Blackheads, my temples have scars as well. I have body Acne but milder then my face. If Accutane is a choice for me, I would make a journal for you guys to keep yall posted. I appreciate the help guys and gals.☺

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It's hard to say. Since your main issue is scars and blackheads rather than severe acne your derm might not prescribe it to you.

For the scarring, you might have to look into chemicals peels or laser treatments. Topical/Oral acne treatments won't help with that, not even accutane. Accutane can help with hyperpigmentation but not actual scars. I still have scarring from my pre-accutane skin from like 7 years ago, I've just been too lazy to actually go and look into scar treatments. The thing is that you will need to wait until your current issues are resolved before trying to treat old scars. 

It looks to me like you might have some other skin condition going on, judging mainly by the picture of your chin. That red, bumpy texture looks like some kind of fungal infection/dermatitis/rosacea. I'm not an expert on that stuff, but it's worth looking into. The reason I say so is because when I was diagnosed with a mild case of Seborrheic Dermatitis my chin looked similar to that - red & bumpy. There are a lot of other conditions that can either be mistaken for acne or can come along with it. They can result in redness, bumpiness, clogged pores, etc. Perhaps the treatments you've tried haven't worked because they haven't been targeted to the right issue?

I would just talk to your dermatologist about it if you haven't already!

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your main issue is scars (which are very mild). try a topical retinoid gel 

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