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So this is my skin. hope you guys won't afraid of it. I would like to know what's wrong with my skin. Can you guys give me some product recommendations please? And I really really want clear skin. :(



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Hello and welcome to the org :)

First off, whats your skin care routine like? Usually when OTC products and a simple skincare routine don't work, you need to move on to prescription medications from your dermatologist. Usually they prescribe a retinoid like Retin-A (tretinoin), Benzoyl peroxide etc as the first round. If topicals don't work, they move you onto antibiotics and then accutane finally. Personally I've tried BP and my skin hated it, then I did retinoids and it worked for a bit but I was never fully clear. I urged my doctor for accutane and I finally got it.

Have you visited a dermatologist or have you tried any medications so far? If you haven't tried BP/the acne.org regimen I could purchase that for you if you're living in the united states. Pm me if you want it, best of luck man!

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Wow, you are so kind. thank you for your recommendation. I m living in South Korea so dermatologist is extremely expensive here. i cannot afford that much since i m a student. I tried bP too it worked but it changed my oily skin into dry skin LOL. right now my skincare routine contains Clarisonic and some essential oils but still doesn't work

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From my past personal struggles with acne this is my view.

Facial acne is an indication that a person's facial skin is weak fighting against harmful skin bacteria. One develops weak facial skin when s/he is eating something that the body considers harmful. The skin immune system weakens and acne is then easy to form. Topical acne products don't solve the root cause.

I suffered acne from eating monosodium glutamate (MSG) flavor enhancers. I also suffered from eating eggs for some reason. These foods weaken my immunity against acne causing bacteria.
When I started going raw and only eating and drinking healthy fruits, vegetables, their juices, and raw honey I was clear in a short time. My facial skin felt significantly healthier and protective against harmful bacteria. Many people don't have the same immunity as I do some can eat anything they want and still not get acne because their immunity is already very strong and doesn't weaken by unhealthy food intake. Good for them. I can only speak from my experience. Just because one has a weak immunity doesn't mean one can't develop it, eating the right food is key. Of course washing one's face is also important but I notice that when my facial skin is strong I don't have to wash it that often to stay clear.

My two cents.

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