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Luciano Antonelli

Scar and texture improvement methods?

I was thinking on getting some chemical peel or laser treatment done but they all seem to be very expensive so I am going to resort to more natural methods of improving my skins overall appearance.

I am 6 months post-accutane and I have a spattering of mild to moderate rolling scars and some residual redness and darker spots (mostly on the scars themselves). My overall skin texture and skin tone is quite blotchy and doesn't look very healthy. Also, given I was in the midst of my accutane course this past summer (I live in the southern hemisphere) I haven't been getting any color on my skin for at least 15 months, so I am very pale. Lastly, around a month ago I got hit in the face and now I have a hypertrophic scar and one spot of very pink/raw skin product of the healing of the wound. 

Currently I'm using adapalene gel 0.3% as prescribed by my derm, and have been using it religiously for about 5 months. I have come a long way since then with this product. Still, my skin problems are long from gone and I would like to see what else I can do to accelerate the process. Beside from that I also use aloe vera gel straight from the plant, although I doubt it helps at all, and exfoliate once a week or so (as to eliminate the most superficial layers of skin as they shed/die).

I'd like to know any practices that I could start implementing into my routine as to improve my skin tone and texture overall. Anything to be said regarding my current routine is very much welcome. Given spring is coming up, I would like to know how to go about getting some color in my skin. I'm very tired of being so pale, being that it makes my skin problems so much more visible. I don't know how to go about treating my new scars/marks given they aren't acne related.

Anything and everything is very much appreciated.


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Chemical peels, needling and heavy moisturizing along with diligent sunscreen use is your best bet if you can't splurge on lasers. 

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