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What type of scarring do I have? please help! Post accutane.!

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Hi, everyone!!!This is my second course of accutane and I will be ending it in october or november.. depending I may even go on a year but I've completed 4 months. I'm looking for some recommendations on acne scarring treatments. I have no idea what type of scarring mine is/ grade. I think it's moderate but at times I feel it's severe. I can't cover my skin texture with makeup but my derm says that they might not bother me later after treatment on accutane. I will be waiting approximately  6mths-1year to do procedures. I am really clueless on treatment and my derm does not perform any acne scarring treatments neither do I live in an area where there are "if any" surgeons with expertise in any one procedure for acne scarring hence my derm. She did offer tca cross but she admittedly has not done many of these and we may just opt for a series of medium depth jessner tca peels. I know that my scarring would be less prominent if I had filler but idk which one? Would anybody be able to guide? I have the idea of getting subsciion with fillers later on and put first focusing on texture or vice versa. I know this will be a long journey so I'm trying to go steps at a time. Also it would really help me to figure out how severe my scarring is! People close to me say not so bad but all is different when they know you and are nice, not trying to be hypocritical of myself but in an objective way if you guys could help me it would help me so much thank you!!!! I'll upload some photos to show you guys what I'm talking about. Please help me decipher the grade and types of acne scarring I have.  I myself think I have some shallow rolling and then some moderate depressed boxcars that are focus on my cheek of one side and not so much on the other. I also have icepick possibly moderate ranging to severe and shallow boxcar is what my derm said. She wanted to use 100% on my icepick scars but we'll see I might let her do a test on one. But most of my icepicks are on the right side and the more depressed region where a big boxcar scar is on my top cheek.. what makes things a little fuzzy is I have scarred pores which are shallower than icepick mixed with large pores (genetic). I put one with makeup to show that the texture is not covered. The first pic is my first round of accutane in harsh lighting and blush which rather accentuates my scarring so now I don't wear any. Then I started using retina  which helped improve my scarring to a lesser degree. I have another post that shows how my scars are now with the use of retina for about a year before accutane again and will try to show the link here.  The boxcar scars are about the same and this is the right cheek on both sides  just the camera is different on both situations .. you can see the depressed parts that i think would benefit my face to look more even. I am just wondering what to do first I may just focus on texture and then volume or volume and then texture. Possibly  I may even ask my derm to do the tca cross after the series of peels or in between I'm still not sure but it does sadden me a bit to start off and not go any where just spending money and not knowing if it will work... I may possibly  wait  to do my procedures till after I finish school but idk if it is a good  idea. It's my confidence vs my bank account.. and well you guys know how that goes.. in an almost painstaking way I battle with even doing anything because I think it's vain but then I want to do it because I believe I deserve to idk idk.. if so i may do it in the winter and spring of next year or hold off.. any advice would be helpful. And I will link my other post here! My scarring looks better without makeup but bad because of  my natural glowy skin in some instances idk but even more so powder exxentuates my scarring after probably 5 hours..  though it does cover my large pores.

There's a link at the bottom to how my scars are now... on my other post.

3 - ppgBSPJ.jpeg

Photo on 5-24-16 at 3.06 PM #6.jpg


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Looks like some extremely mild rolling/icepicks and maybe a few very mild boxcars.  I would say that your scars are mild enough to get near perfect skin if you research/go through with the right treatments.  

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I noticed you had done tca cross and had done some procedures for your skin that look to be improving well! My question is do you think that tca would work on my type of scars? Thanks!

would 50% be okay or 100%? my derm wants to do 100% I might try in a test spot but am afraid that the scars will get deeper.. maybe I'll just do the series of peels and subscion with filler.. lol haha i got excited because I saw your post and saw you had some things done, cross my fingers things go well for you. Your skin seems to be improved with tca and subsicion but I'm too chicken to trust my doctor who's rarely performed it. I'm not sure on what to do but I have 1 year after accutane to debate this.. it's either the peels or cross because my derm does;t perform subcicion and there are not any close by who do.  100% scares me because others have had worsening and there are few if any who have had it done at such a high concentration with good results. I've seem the davin lim videos on 100% but well see.. will probably post an album in a year when i can get something done next winter

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