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Please Help Acne scarring !!!

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I have struggled with acne for quite some time starting at 16 whenI was prescribed progestrogene pills from my pediatric doc because I mentioned to her my acne was bothering me at that point it being fairly mild but still bothersome. She gave  me this because I asks her of birth control pills which i hear helped. fast forward I continually took them for 6 months later developing moderate acne that was just not getting better when my parents and I decided to stop  taking them after we consulted with my doctor.  The consecutive months I believe my hormones became extremely imbalanced and I developed really severe acne went back to my pediatric doc who gave me antibiotics idk why not refer me to a derm or just get me right away to the door of ones office but the best she could do was 2 months. This time I was in all hell and literally could do nothing just wait see and this is the damage after and 2 accutane rounds.  I was wondering if I could get some advice and how to go about treatment and if people have experiences what would you suggest. I honestly just want 6 rounds of TCA 35% jesssners peels and then see where to go from there by my derm. I want to have her layer it just on my cheeks but would you guys think an additive after these sessions like a filler would help on my rolling scars? I have a mix of scars boxcar and icepick and rolling but idk how to differentiate them because I obsess over them and don't know which are more prominent. 

I asked my derm of tca cross and she said 100% once and thats all I need but I'm not too sure and scared to fuck my skin up more. do you guys have any experience ? I was on a dose that went up to 160 mg of accutane a day for the last 2 months on my first course accutane and right now on my second course were ending again at 160 mg and I am worried of delayed healing. I weigh 120lbs but have only had dry lips as a side effect idk if my dosage is unusual i have relatives who have also take such a high dose without problems. but my deal is if I should also wait at least 12 months or okay to do at 6 months.  we would do a patch test but even that scares me and i have that gut feeling . any of you guys had that? so Im wondering if my plan is a viable solution in others opinions and would appreciate the feedback.  Is 100% too strong?

Do you guys think peels a good step? I would try micro needling and lasers but Im not too convinced and the danger of losing fat in my face really puts me off and dermrolling Ive researched can do that.  loss of fat really ages people in mores that acne scars  but people can disagree and i also understand the scars to be degrading and devastating.  
I want to go to dr greg morgan roth in mountain view cali  to get subsection after all these sessions if my derm approves and as a last step get fillers and subsections againIm just scared of losing fat in my face or getting more depression. I think I have more of a textural issue to my skin but idk would like so more opinions on that if people don't mind. my mother says there shallow but I have so many and i tried to capture them in a lot of different lighting to show the differences. one girl on here got phenomenal results for sub scion from greg while another with username  "scar" something  got more depressed region so it is not without risk but I'm thinking maybe if i get filler i won't have that problem again though; is it the best to just resurface with peels for now and then from there decide tca cross and fillers?

I am very clueless to everything have come across this though

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25041112 and its why i kinda don't want to try demrarolling or laser but idkidk i could have just been feed lies by this study . the thing is that though people praise derma rolling and sometimes laser i have yet to meet anyone or see conclusive results except for 
Dragz and mr . Matt the later having laser just for resurfacing and smoothing purposes. .. dr..rahimi  would probably be the one i go to as my last resort but idk maybe i don't have anything to fear but that gut feeling is strong. please help any advice is much appreciated. I actually have stopped using tretinion while one accutane  and will start up afterword on .1 but don't use a vitamin c so if someone could recommend a good that would really help. Idk but my skin actually looks better that I'm not using it and just using sunscreen but it could be my imagination i know long term there are benefits when i start it again i probably use it less often maybe 4 times a week and 5 at most as it dryer out my skin and possibly was aging me in that effect even though it itself is for antiagin purposes.

2016-02-23 19.07.14-2.jpg

2016-07-31 20.20.27.jpg

2016-08-03 22.01.51.jpg

2016-08-03 22.08.11.jpg

2016-08-03 22.10.26.jpg

2016-08-03 22.12.43-2.jpg

2016-08-03 22.10.26.jpg

2016-08-03 22.12.43-2.jpg

2016-08-03 22.14.39-2.jpg

2016-08-03 22.27.47.jpg

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Thank you!! psychedilicate but unfortunately I still obsess over it, it's just a habit that I should fix. I talked to my parents about it but they say I should see a therapist lololol..l would rather  spend the money on improving my skin.Idk if that is vain but I honestly would like to improve my self esteem anyway I can and one way is this but I try in other ways also like forcing myself to go out. I'm also saving to maybe travel someplace Id like just because I have a feeling isolation is a bad thing for me but I'm also going to school and that helps keep my mind preoccupied at best. I use isolation and avoidance as a coping method sometimes but my parents thankfully rarely let it stand and so I don't get caught in a self destroying circle. lol alexanderj86 I don't think about love life I focus on school and other activities I enjoy like exercise and music and such but I sometimes over obsess in nit picky things like trying to be too healthy that stresses me out. In a sense I had always been like this very perfectionist but even more secluded and self isolated in my own world when my condition worsened. I kinda got lost because I had no control. I was always self sufficient and never even liked talking of my feelings or condition to my friends and family, they themselves didn't ever struggle with acne like mine but they were helpful in treating me equally and not even mentioning it. I am learning to ask for help and express my feelings more but  I by no means looking for love though. I believe it will happen organically but I also don't instigate anything either even though having a relationship I believe does help people grow.

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