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I started Accutane on December 29th 2015 and ended the course on August 25th.   It was hell, it broke me out so horrifically I couldn't bare to look in the mirror but finally by the end of July I finally saw improvement!

 Fast forward to April this year, I had good skin again! There were marks, yes but I was happy they were fading.  Fast forward AGAIN to May... I started a new job and my skin went crazy.  I started breaking out into red inflamed whiteheads seemingly from nowhere.  Understandably after having good skin and no breakouts for nearly a year I was crushed.. things improved a bit after using Nutrogena spot zapper lol.  But I went to the Doctor and got started on a course of Lymecycline (an antibiotic to treat acne, among other things)  and I saw improvement after a week however.. I started to get weird bumps under the skin just to the side of my mouth on both sides of my face and down to my jaw line.  After a spot of googling I came to find out they were Closed Comedones.... little stubborn buggers I've never had before.  It isn't like they were red pustules I could put some zapper on.  They're bumps that show up horrendously in different lights/angles as well as looking awful with make up on them and because of the current breakout I'm definitely not confident enough to bare all.  

Thinking they appeared due to my new primer I ditched that and bought a new foundation encase it was that.. it was not.  I took to the Internet again and watched a very helpful video by Melanie Murphy on YouTube and I took the plunge after some research and ordered eficlar duo... I'm praying this partnered with the lymecycline will help my pigment, texture and those pesky closed comedones! 

Anyone out there having a similar experience or have been on Lymecycline?  It would be lovely to see how it worked for you?   Also if anyone had tried eficlar duo I'd be super greatfull for some help etc.  

Products i use. 

Garnier Purifying facial wash (morning + evening) 
Spin for perfect skin brush  (four times a week in the morning) 
Freederm on active acne (evenings only) 
Cetaphil moisturising lotion in the morning under make up 
Foundation is borgious Paris 123 perfection 
Nutrogena oil free moisturiser- (at night only) IMG_20160812_151726.jpg

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i didn't try  Lymecycline  however i know how frustrating it is , i did 3 PDT session(effect almost similar to accutane) , went clear for 1 year then started a new job and boom! 2 month later new breakout ... i'm using Neo-medrol atm its seems to help.

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