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Birth Control Has Cleared my Skin, but...

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After a little over 3 months on BC, I am 99% clear of active breakouts. I still have some scarring and hyperpigmentation, but I can live with that for now.

My biggest problem is that it hasn't done anything to help the oiliness of my skin. My skin is just as oily as ever. It's like my skin is oozing oil all the time and it's driving my crazy. I feel like no matter what I use on my face nothing helps it - I still have to blot my face all the time. Not only that, but my hair is always oily/greasy too. Even after washing it feels greasy like there's some waxy build-up in it or something. I don't understand how, if birth control regulates your hormones, it was able to fix my acne but not my oil.

Unless the oil and acne are caused by 2 different things? I should note that my acne was along my jawline, which is typically normal. The oiliness is in my t-zone, which doesn't really breakout ever. 

If anyone has any ideas or insight as to what I'm dealing with please help a girl out. 

P.S I am in the process of seeing my derm & doc about this as well, not just relying on the internet. They are just as confused as me. I've been getting blood tests done for different things and still have more to do. I am posting here to see if anyone has faced a similar situation. 

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Similar to me. What birth control do you take? I found adding spironolactone( 50mg) to my yaz really reduced my oil. Sometimes birth control+ spuro does the trick. Talk to your doctor.Have you tried spearmint tea or spearmint capsules?
zinc helps some people too.

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I've been looking into that recently as a lot of people have said it helps with oil production! I am taking a generic brand of ortho tri-cyclen. How long after staring birth control did you add in the spiro? 

I have not tried that tea, only peppermint. I have experimented with zinc before. 

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