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Experience With Erbium Laser?

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Hi guys,

It's pretty commonly accepted among acne scar patients that lasers don't give satisfactory results. However videos like the one below make it seem so simple to get rid of boxcar and icepick scars.

I'm not sure whether to believe that or not. So I ask you, does anyone have experience with fully ablative erbium laser? How did your respond to it?

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You can definitely see some improvement and maybe he can repeat the procedure once or twice after this one but the major change is redness, which helps a lot fading the scars and mostly disappears in time. Besides that he talks about having discussed the way to look at scars which he always does with tangential light and then, in this video he doesn't use it. You have to wonder why that is... But yeah, there's definitely improvement.

Maybe lasers get such bad reviews because of price/results, whereas techinques like needling and subcision as well as TCA Cross are cheaper with some results as well.

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it all depends on the practitioner. Laser can be very effective because it goes deeper then tca and it heals differently. I have had done tca peel and laser. Tca did very little for me.  I am not sure what laser it was should look it up. Dr Khan also used angel prp which made me heal faster and was a great pain relief. I would go with the same laser if I knew I could trust the specialist and myself for treating my skin the correct way afterwards. Erbium yag is less deep then co2 ablative. Realself has a lot of bad reviews i am not sure why, could be because people tend to review their treatments more when it goes wrong. And laser does have its complications. Thats why i dont understand why all these specialists are allowed to mess around with it. After laser treatment the skin needs to be nourished for better healing also it is advised to use something like retin a weeks before the treatment. And stop a week prior to the treatment. The. Skin needs a special moisturising spray and water free cleaning. If my stress level is down i am going for erbium yag.

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