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Will i have to go through another purge period if i go back to using retin a?

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I've been off of retin a for about a month and a half now for various complicated reasons... Before stopping it, i had been using it for my teenage acne. When i stopped it i had mostly clear skin (just a few pimples between my eyebrows at the time i stopped). I had been using it for about 4 or 5 months at that point. If I were to go back to using it now, after the relatively short amount of time I've been off it, will i have to go through the purge process again, or would it at least be a less severe purge process? Are there ways I can minimize the negative effects of purging (flaking, reddening, more acne) this time around? 

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My first time using Retin-A, I didn't go through the purge period as bad as others have described. I stopped taking it for about 3-4 months, which was a horrible idea... I'm starting again, this time around I'm starting to relate with the purge period from what others have described.(flaking, reddening, horrible acne, horrible acne scars..) I highly recommend starting ASAP.
With flaking skin I've applied different lotions and nothing seemed to work. I would literally be peeling 10 mins later. One solution that hasn't failed me and seems to last longer is applying Aloe gel on my face. I'm so paranoid on the peeling(from the lotion) that I also apply Vaseline on the corner of my mouth. I'm going to try Cetaphil lotion to see if works also. It has great reviews on it. Another thing I've notice that is very helpful is to wait until your face is dry before you apply Retin-A. I use to wash my face and pat my face dry and apply right away. Which I learned is a big NO,NO.:smileys_n_people_90: 
Everyone skin is different, so what may work for me may not work for you. My skin is very sensitive... 

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