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Jennifer Cheung

Addicted to antibiotics

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Hello guys, 

So I have been taking Doxycycline for more than half a year now. When I was first prescribed it my cystic acne was really bad. And then I went back on birth control and now no more big painful cysts but still many many microcomedones and whiteheads on my cheeks and jawline. 

I really want want to go off the antibiotics because I think it has weakened my immune system and also made my skin thinner. However I am really scared to go off of it. It feels somewhat like an addiction. Without it I would feel so worried that my acne would come back, or that my microcomedones would turn out to become monstrous pimples. 

Now I am still taking it every day to feel safe, even though I don't have any big visible pimple at all. Is it true that it is Doxycyline which is keeping my microcomedones from turning into whiteheads or even pimples? Or should I really venture going off?

please help!! Thank you!

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I would personally go off the antibiotics.

I was on minocycline for 3 months and it really did clear me. Unfortunately it came back 10 months after. When I tried to go back on it, my acne just took longer to control.

Basically antibiotics shouldn't be a daily medication to control your acne. You need to find something else to control your acne without damaging your insides

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Maybe try to find anti inflammatory supplements. I know garlic tabs, turmeric , cod liver oil etc are supposed to calm the skin but not sure how long it takes to work. I'm on minocycline right now but dfont want to be on it forever.

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